The need of waste recycling services in India has gone primary as the country is now standing among the top 5 e-waste generatorsof the world. The rapid technological advancement and increasing demand have led consumers to go for digital accessories over mechanical ones; in this regard, the presence of 100 crore units of cell phone production do the talking. Acknowledging the gravity of the situation, the Central Pollution control Board of India has therefore made it mandatory for all producers and manufacturers to take responsibility for their end-of-the-life products by disposing themoff according to new set of drafted rules and regulations.

Services offered by us

A complete e-waste solution:

We take care of all the necessary procedure needed for an effective e-waste recycling. From the point of collecting e-waste till the disposal, we will manage every process on your behalf.

Electrical and electronic waste recycling:

We ensure a hassle free collection of e-waste. We accommodate safe transportation in our vehicles and also provide secure storage of all the e-waste till their recycling and disposal. The electronics and electrical items included are televisions, refrigerators, air conditioners, microwave oven, all mercury and lead based products etc. In electronics, we handle monitors, circuit boards, printers, scanners and other soft-wired peripheries.

Plastic recycling:

The process plastics recycling and their conversion into resalable products are ouradditional interesting service feature.

Data erasure and data destruction:

We safely erase all the information from your drive so that it can’t be used for illegal activities. The data destruction services is more effective through the advanced methods that we employ. Post completion, it becomes impossible for anyone to use those drives for any unlawful purpose.

Our string forte:

State of the art technology:

With our most upgraded state of art technology, we provide you an exceptional waste recycling services in India. We always keep ourselves ahead of technology and continue to improve them through times.

Skilled labor force:

We are in this business since 2002, we have a team of skilled workers who are much more experienced when it comes to the proper handling of hazardous materials.

One area of operation:

We have a wide 4 acres area of land for our operational purpose. We have all our divisions operating under a single roof.

Timely deliverance of services:

Our one roof solutions eliminates all time-consuming activities such as transportation of materials from one place to other. Thus, enable us save time. With the magical combination of our cutting-edge technology and skilled labors, we finish our tasks way ahead of time.

Deliver budge friendly yet effective waste recycling services in India:

A quick market research will make it clear to you that our waste management service lines are pocket friendly as compared to other market competitors.

Data confidentiality:

While carrying out data eraser work, we preserve the confidentiality and under no circumstances make invaders get in touch with that.

Reverse Logistics:

We can extract precious metals and other raw materials and deliver it back to youfor resale purpose.

At Virogreen India Pvt Limited, before the time delivery and quality delivery are the two pillars that we primarily focus on. If you still have any queries, initiate a chat with us and get a best e-waste management quote for your organization.